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Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, 1939

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Laurence Olivier and Vivien in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ 1940

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Vivien Leigh

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Carole Lombard

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Marlene Dietrich with her husband, Rudolf Sieber, at a train station in Paris. Both arrived from Hollywood, May 20th, 1930

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Princess Grace of Monaco at Karting Club opening on November 19, 1962 in Monaco. 

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Happy Birthday Jean Arthur | 17 October, 1900 - 19 June, 1991

The underlying characteristic of her playing, no matter what the role, was that the world was a funny place, but not fun. Her comic genius was founded in a combination of fear, sadness and sweetness: her eyes flashed in indignation, flooded in dismay or blinked in disbelief; her lips quivered when confronted with injustice; but she could also assume a bold assurance of being believed no matter how blatantly she was lying.

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Original Caption: 3/25/55-New York: Hollywood’s top female star Marilyn Monroe appears as first nighter March 24th at the opening of Tennessee Williams’ new play, “Cat on a Hot tin Roof" in New York’s Morosco Theater.  Miss Monroe’s famous figure was sheathed in a skin-tight dress and she wore a white fur coat. Due to recent altercations with [20th Century Fox Studios], Miss Monroe is forming a film company of her own | Photo © Ed Feingersh.

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College, 1927

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Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep, 1946

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The Wizard of Oz (1939)

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